Peakhurst United FC is a proud community club based in the St George Football district. The club’s home ground, Peakhurst Park, has been UNITED’s home since its inception in 1965.

Founded on the 29th of May 1964, Mr. Ken Hough, Hoody Bourke and Russ Edwards made the decision to break away from the St George Police boys club with the objective of forming an inclusive and united club.

After 50 years since inception, it is clear that their early aims have turned out as they would have wanted and hope that the “Peakhurst Club” built on such solid foundations, continues “UNITED”.

The clubs first general meeting was attended by Bourke, Evans, Hough, Edwards, Mayoh, Mayer, McConnachie, Pike, Prestney, Seymour, Valentine and Thomas. A professional executive was formed that night, consisting of Messrs, Jock Mayer (President), Arthur Mayoh (Secretary) and Ken Hough (Treasurer).

In its first enrollment the results far exceeded expectations and six more sets of shirts had to be made and sixteen teams wore the Peakhurst colours in its first playing season in 1965.

1965 - 67 The Founding Committe members


Peakhurst United is a family friendly club focusing on grassroots and community football. We have teams of all ages and all levels from beginners in U6 through to Premier League.

The club has won over 120 premierships in its history making it one of the most successful clubs in the St George area. With some of the highlights being.

1970 – Peakhurst United U21’s NSW Champions of Champions.

1973 – Peakhurst United U10’s NSW Champions of Champions.

1977 – Peakhurst United U14’s NSW Champions of Champions.

1980 – Peakhurst United U17’s NSW Champions of Champions.

2007 – Peakhurst United U11’s NSW Champions of Champions.

St. George Association Club Champions – 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 & 2010.

Stan Moses Memorial Shield (Best Performed Undefeated A Team) – 1975 U/14A’s



In 2016, Peakhurst United FC was accredited as a Level 1 National Football Club by Football NSW and FFA (The first club in the St George Football Association to achieve this)

With over 14,300 players registered, 1021 teams and over 125 competitions won since its inception in 1965, Peakhurst United FC is a club of choice for all backgrounds with a diverse mix from a multicultural area. With all this Peakhurst United has laid the foundations for a strong future, one where all players are welcome and learn to play the beautiful game the way it should be. The club has developed some great players for the St George Area including former Australian International Harry Williams


The Peakhurst United FC DNA is attributed to the dedicated committee, coaches, managers, players, helpers and club representatives who are determined to ensure that when dealing with Peakhurst United FC, it is always an enjoyable experience. All senior members of the club strive to instill our values of; Sportsmanship – through participation, Community Growth and Development, Equality & Inclusivity and above all Respect, to all of our players and to opposing teams, hoping to emphasize the fun-loving, all-inclusive spirit and nature of Peakhurst United FC.

We are proud to present.

Our 2024 Committee

President– Steve Suteski

Vice Presidents- Harry Kyriakopoulos & Kevin Mclennan

Club Secretary- Viria Charitos

Treasurer- Debbie Obey

Registrar Officer- Sharon Whyte

Equipment & Uniforms Officer- Vacant

Junior Female Coaching Coordinator- Tom Golden

Junior Male Coaching Coordinator- Roy Wethereld

Sponsorship Manager- Vacant

Field Officer- Harry Kyriakopoulos

Communications Officer- Jo Parmagos

Fundraising & Social Officers- Leanne Smith

Additional Help – Jo Parmagos, Harry Parmagos, Frank Minas, Kat and Stacey Katarzis.

Vice President Harry looking over games at Peakhurst Park
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